What are the modified atmosphere packaging machines (MAP)?

What are the modified atmosphere packaging machines (MAP)?


Packaging technology has progressed in recent years and has a high growth rate.

Compared with conventional methods, vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere technology is the best method for preserving food products without losing the packaging attraction.

Suppliers who are active in the field of food preservation technology must consider the increasingly two factors:

  • Increase the shelf life of the product.
  • Reducing the amount of additives and replacing it with modified atmosphere by the method of packaging.

In fact, this technology is a way to obtain the two most important demands in the food packaging industry:

Extend the longer life of product and use less additives.

This method is increasingly growing in developed countries.

The MAP method means the change of the atmosphere gas composition surrounding the food product in the container.

The packaging machine with modified atmosphere:

The packaging machine with a modified atmosphere method is a device that can be particularly effective for enhancing the profitability rate of producers and suppliers of food products.

This method of packaging can help you achieve the highest efficiency in the supply chain.

You can save considerable sums by obtaining long-lasting and non-destructive durability in the direction and returns of your product.

The packaging machine with modified atmosphere method is now an innovative technology.

This method requires equipment about nitrogen gas injection or the use of combined gases to increase the shelf life of food products.

In addition, when you use this technology no more need protection or freezing.

Packaging machine with modified atmosphere is considered currently a completely unparalleled and unique technology.

The device, in the package, creates a completely modified gas blend.

By using this technology, you can reduce the amount of oxygen inside the package to 1% even less.

You can package your food products without damaging its shape and combining it with the MAP method.

As a result, you can market your food products with a completely new, very different market approach.




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