Thermoforming Packaging Machine


Thermoforming packaging machine:


1. Packaging material for the base web (thermoformable film) is unwound form the reel.
2. It is heated in the forming die and formed into pockets/trays)
3. (4) The formed pockets are loaded manually or automatically.
5. The top web of packaging material (lid film) covers the filled pockets/trays.
6. the air is evacuated from the sealing die and protective gas is added if required. Then the pack is sealed by the application of heat and pressure.
7. The web of packs is cut across the machine direction initially
8. Production of the individual packs has been completed after the longitudinal cutting operation.


Advantages of using the device
• Affordable packaging
• High packaging beauty
• Completely hygienic product packaging with this method
• Ability to change the dimensions of the package by changing the settings of the device from the HMI
• Touch screen with Persian text for easy operation of the operator
• Observe safety standards while working with the device
• Easy access to device parts for repair and maintenance
• Use of quality parts and suitable materials in the construction of the device
• Steel body and corrosion resistant
• High precision cutting tray for any type of film thickness

Thermoforming packaging machine can be used for packaging food and medical products. The MAP method can be used in packaging by this device.
Steel body and corrosion resistant, can increase its easy wash ability and high resistance to oxidation.
All parts of the device are designed in such a way that they can have easy repairs and maintenance, can be used easily and are compatible with various containers and products.



Advantages of using West Asia Steel Thermoforming Packaging Machine:
• High quality in the direction of sealing firmly
• Precise and unique cutting systems
• The control panel of the device is easily removable and accessible.
• Existence of safety in using the device
• Loading length can be varied as needed.
• Easy change of template
• Structure, body and fittings made of durable steel
Food variety and consequently packaging forms are increasing. Therefore, it can be said that each packaging method has its place on supermarket shelves. West Asia Steel Machinery Company offers various packaging solutions in plastic containers and coatings.
The following films can be used in packaging by thermoforming devices.
• soft films
• Hard film (such as disposable containers)

Ability to packaging with soft film and hard film
Ability to install vacuum and gas injection system (MAP)
Ability to install watery and concentrated liquid fillers – weighing fillers
Washable device

Thermoforming packaging machines made by West Asia Steel Machinery company are used for packaging food and medicine in plastic containers and covers.


Thermoforming packaging machine can package the product by the following methods:
• Simple packaging
in this method, the focus is on packaging the product simply and protecting it from environmental pollution and possible damage.
• Vacuum packaging
in this method, the product is completely vacuumed and biochemical degradation is reduced.
• Modified atmosphere packaging
the atmosphere in the container is replaced with a specific gas composition to increase the useful life of the product. For example, a combination of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and in some cases, oxygen can be used to preserve the color and shape of the product for longer.


• Packing by skin method
Your product is packaged by a film that is placed in the form of a shell on it. This coating, while having transparency and attractiveness, can minimize the atmosphere inside the package and keep the product fresh for a longer period of time.
There are different types of skin packaging:
Low – Medium – High

The cutting system in the thermoforming packaging machine of West Asia Steel Machinery Company can be done by the following method:
• Transverse and longitudinal cut by the blade
This method is used for square containers. In this case, the corners of the container will be sharp, instead, the settings of the device to produce a container with other dimensions will be easier.
• Transverse cut by mandrel and matrix – Longitudinal cut by blade
In this method, cross-cutting of containers by mandrel and matrix with a special form can be done, then their longitudinal cutting is done by circular blades that are rotating.

• Complete cutting by mandrel and matrix This method can be used for containers with special shapes. The mouth of the container in this method can be in any shape, because there is no restriction on cutting. All slices can have the following:
• Zigzag cutting
• Has a hanging hole
• Has a point for easier removal of film from the mouth of the container


• Ability to install a variety of fillers on the device
watery and concentrated liquid fillers – weighing fillers
• ability to install labels and jet printers on the device
• to request other options, please call.

Technical Specifications:
– Drive: Servo motor
– Vacuum pump: 160 cubic meters and larger dimensions are provided outside the device.
– Machine speed: up to 12 cycles per minute – Depending on the product and its packaging
– Maximum dimensions of the device: L6.5 x w1.5 x h2 meters
– Dimensions of the device tray: 418 * 349 with a maximum depth of 90 mm
Gender of packages: PA-PE / PET-PE / PVC-PE / PS
– Cover material on the packages: aluminum foil, plastic film, metallization
With hard open or easy open.
– The shape of the packages: according to the customer’s request, it is designed for free
Container production method: by positive pressure of air compressor and negative pressure of vacuum pump
– Cutting system: smooth – zigzag – rounded corner – full cut with special shape
– Ability to package with printed films and simple films
– Form tray material: Aluminum grade 1 alloy – fully polished
– Seal tray material: aluminum with Teflon coating and high thermal conductivity – Cutting material: steel with good cutting capability and long life
– Electrical panel material: Stainless Steel 304L
– Device control system: PLC and has a color control panel of high-quality material, using 2 languages Persian and English, user-friendly
– Operating system of the device: pneumatic – electronic – mechanical
– Required air pressure: 6 to 8 times
– Cold water consumption: 90 liters per hour (with circulation system)
– Modified Atmosphere System (MAP): (additional option)
– Film width: 422 mm
– Has high quality electronic and pneumatic parts



Consumption items:
Thermoforming packaging machine is used for packing all kinds of food and medicine products in a completely hygienic way.
This machine is suitable for production sets with the aim of having a different packaging shape than other packaging methods.
One of the most important features of this device is accurate packaging with MAP method to increase the shelf life of the product.
This packaging method used in:
• dried nuts and date
• some of semi-prepared and prepared food Olivier salad and pasta salad
• different type of pickles, olives and pickled cucumbers
• different type of white meat and red meat products, poultry, processed meat products such as sausages, salami, nugget and burger
• different type of seafood such as fish and shrimp
• vegetables and salad and fruit
• packaging of some dairy products such as cheese
• different type of sweets, cookies
• all kinds of medical equipment