Automatic Tray Sealer Packaging Machine


Automatic tray sealer packaging machine:

 Automatic tray sealer packaging machine is one of the products designed and manufactured by capable and experienced engineers of this company. Flexible and comprehensive solutions in connection with the use of this device is its most important feature.

The choice of this device and its related options is largely related to the following:

Customer expectations from the degree of automatic line and operator intervention during product packaging

  • The type of container you want
  • Required packing speed (production capacity)

The technical standards used in this device make it have the following benefits for the manufacturer when using it (product packaging).



  • Quality electrical and electronic parts, for easy and convenient use of the device           
  • Use of quality elector motors and gearboxes, for error-free and long-term use of the device 
  • Powerful pneumatic system for error-free packaging

(Execution of MAP method accurately – strong and error-free sealing)



  • Quality parts and precise movement systems for smooth operation without device error
  • Corrosion-resistant steel structure and body
  • Steel joints to prevent oxidation and possible damage
  • Ergonomic and principled design for easy washing of the device and no damage to parts


Our user interface through the touch screen and color of the device with the use of easy graphic space, allows the operator to easily have good control over the operation and status of the device.

User-friendly and simple environment is one of the important features of our devices.

Other capabilities of the software system of this device include the following:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Control of machines through a central system in the factory
  • Control and receive the necessary reports at the time of product packaging

The operation of the device is as follows:

Prefabricated containers are placed on the machine automatically or manually, and also the product is loaded into them automatically or manually.

Then the containers containing the product are guided into the tray of the machine and are packaged as usual or using the MAP method (in this part, the film is sealing on the container)

After this part, the packaged containers can be directed under the jet printer and after completing the mentioned steps, finally accumulate on the Output Rotary Table.

The automatic tray sealer can be easily adjusted to several container sizes.

Some manufacturers need to pack their products in several sizes of containers with one machine. Therefore, according to each shape of the container, they must have one tray so that when packing their product in the relevant container, they can put the relevant tray in the machine and after applying settings, they can pack their product.

The device can be set up and configured easily by the operator. Because this device has a very precise control system and a user-friendly and simple software platform, at the same time professional.




Technical Specifications:

– Drive system of the device: electric motor (grade B) – servo motor (grade A)

– Device speed:

In the case of packaging with vacuum and gas injection system: 5 to 7 cycles per minute

In the case of packaging in the form of a simple Seal: 8 to 10 cycles per minute

– Ability to work with plastic film and different thicknesses – Aluminum foil and metallization

– Ability to install dilute and concentrated liquid fillers as well as granular materials on the device

– Ability to install an automatic denester machine

– With vacuum and gas injection system (MAP) To maintain freshness and increase the shelf life of product

– Device control system: PLC and has a color control panel

  using 2 languages ​​English and Persian
– Has precise control systems for better operation of the device

– Material of trays: high quality aluminum alloy

– Has a calibrated pneumatic shaft in the roll part of the device

Roll replacement is done as soon as possible.

– Change the tray in the fastest and most convenient way possible

Adjusting the rails is easy with the calibrated system located on the device

– Has the ability to work with simple films and printed films

 – self-adjusting film: electromotor (grade B) – servo motor (grade A)

– Has an oil rotary vacuum pump with very high suction power – 63 cubic meters

Device material: Has a 304-steel body resistant to corrosion – washable

– Dimensions of the device: length 2.7 meters – width 0.9 meters – height 1.8 meters

– Consumption air pressure: 6 times

– Has high quality electronic and pneumatic parts


Side options:

– Ability to install a variety of fillers for granular products, powder, dilute liquids, concentrated liquids and inhomogeneous semi-solid products

– Ability to install devices to control and guide the containers under the filler opening

– Ability to install UV tunnel device at the entrance of the device to reduce the microbial load of containers

– Ability to install check weight system to control the weight of products, before packaging

– Ability to install gas capsules, for more precise control of gas in packaging with MAP method

– Ability to install Remote Maintenance system for easier support of this set to the customer

– Ability to install the packaging system with printed film

– Ability to install a Rower machine at the exit of the machine, to turn the containers into a row and pass them under the jet printer.

– Ability to install Output Rotary Table, to collect containers at the end point of the machine

– Ability to install options to create beautiful packaging

 – to request other options, please call.



Consumption items:

Automatic tray sealer is used for food packaging in plastic and aluminum containers. In this machine, taking the containers into the tray and removing the packaged containers from the machine is done automatically and completely easily.

In addition, this machine can be equipped with an Automatic denester machine and filler machine.

This packaging method used in:

  • Dried nuts and date
  • Some of semi-prepared and prepared food Olivier salad and pasta salad
  • Different type of pickles, olives and pickled cucumbers
  • Different type of white meat and red meat products, poultry, processed meat products such as sausages, salami, nugget and burger
  • Different type of seafood such as fish and shrimp
  • Vegetables and salad and fruit
  • Packaging of some dairy products such as cheese
  • Different type of sweets, cookies



Video of the device:

Packaging of vegetable, salad and fruit

Packaging of different type of white meat and red meat products, poultry, processed meat products such as sausages, salami, nugget and burger

Packaging of dried fruits, date, nuts, dried vegetables, spices and beans

    Packaging of some dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, honey, jam and different type of pickles, olives and pickled cucumbers


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