Semi-automatic Tray Sealer Packaging Machine


Semi-automatic Tray Sealer: 



Semi-automatic Tray Sealer is used for daily small and medium scale packaging. This device is also used in stores, restaurants and laboratories.

Low required space and reasonable price for low and medium packing capacities are the characteristics of this device.



  • Quality electrical and electronic parts, for easy and convenient use of the device
  • Use of quality electro motors and gearboxes, for error-free and long-term use of the device
  • Powerful pneumatic system for error-free packaging

(Execution of MAP method accurately – strong and error-free sealing)


  • Quality parts and precise movement systems for smooth operation without device error           
  • Corrosion-resistant steel structure and body
  • Steel joints to prevent oxidation and possible damage
  • Ergonomic and principled design for easy washing of the device and no damage to parts


One of the applications of this device in large manufacturing plants is that they want to package products on a small scale for initial testing and market research. Therefore, after the necessary trials, they will find out how they can produce their products in high capacities.


How to work a semi-automatic Tray Sealer with rotary table packaging machine – Design and manufacture of West Asia Steel Machinery Company

How to work with the machine is that after placing the containers filled with the product on the tray, by the operator, the machine table should be rotated 180 degrees and then by the operator, by pressing the keys, the machine receives the packaging command.

Packaging with modified atmosphere method, to increase the shelf life of the product by air evacuation (vacuum) and gas injection, as well as accurate and strong Sealing are the characteristics of using this device.

Semi-automatic Tray Sealer packaging machine is an ideal and inexpensive solution for packaging products in containers, along with ease of use.


The Tray of this machine can be changed for containers with different dimensions.

The design of the device and the relevant Tray is such that it gives you a high level of confidence for easy and convenient replacement. Also, the parts that are in the form of the device make proper sealing during vacuum and gas injection and finally packaging, correctly and without error.


You can easily configure the device and use this packaging method without any problems, using the trainings of our experts, relevant training videos and guides set by this company.


In designing and manufacturing semi-automatic Tray Sealer, the company uses a capable technical and engineering unit, precision quality control unit and equipped manufacturing unit.



Technical Specifications:

 – Device speed:

In the case of packaging with vacuum system and gas injection: 3 to 5 cycles per minute

In the case of packaging in the form of a simple Seal: 5 to 7 cycles per minute

– Container receiving and removing system: manually and by the worker

– Machine table: rotary

– Has a system to change the mold quite easily and without the need for any tools

– With vacuum and gas injection system (MAP)

To maintain freshness and higher product residue

– Device control system: PLC has a color control panel,using 2 languages ​​Persian and English

– Cellophane collection system: electromotor (grade B) – stepper motor (grade A)
– Has the ability to work with simple films and printed films

 – Has an oil rotary vacuum pump with very high suction power – 40 cubic meters

 – Material of Trays: high quality aluminum alloy Device material: Has a 304-steel body resistant to corrosion – washable

 – Dimensions of the device: length 1/2 meter – width 1/2 meter – height 1/5 meter.

 – Consumption air pressure: 6 times

– Has high quality electronic and pneumatic parts.



  • Ability to install Ejection System.
  • Ability to install gas capsules, for more precise control of gas in packaging with MAP method.
  • Ability to install Remote Maintenance For easier support of this company to the customer
  • Ability to install the packaging system with printed film
  • Ability to install Jet Printer on the device
  • to request other options, please call.


Consumption items:

Semi-automatic Tray Sealer machine is designed for workshops and factories with low level production, the most important features of which are the small dimensions of the device and its ease of use.

This packaging method used in:

  • Dried nuts and dates
  • Some of semi-prepared and prepared food Olivier salad and pasta salad
  • Different type of pickles, olives and pickled cucumbers
  • Different type of white meat and red meat products, poultry, processed meat products such as sausages, salami, nugget and burger
  • Different type of seafood such as fish and shrimp
  • Vegetables and salad and fruit
  • Packaging of some dairy products such as cheese
  • Different type of sweets, cookies



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